Passive necrophile
Mama, we all go to Hell
What bands did you guys become 'family' with?
Frank: Avenged Sevenfold. Very funny.
Gerard: Story of the Year.

Аааа! Мы с Джи оба любим их, супер.

Gerard: (onstage) “I fucking hate nu-metal. I fucking hate Limp Bizkit. I fucking hate Korn. I don’t give a shit what you like… You’re here tonight because you like us. And ‘cause we hate nu-metal, that’s why we’re here tonight!” -Guitar intro to ‘Teenagers’ starts- “THIS SONG IS ABOUT HATING NU-METAL!”

Fan: Some people don’t like you guys anymore because [Danger Days] is too happy or too mainstream for them.
Frank: Ah, well that’s just how you separate the idiots from the real fans, you know? The fans will get it. And when people, critics or fans, want us to go in a certain direction, we go the direct opposite way. And well... This album may appear happier, but it’s actually a really dirty record.